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 Tori's GM Apli<3

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PostSubject: Tori's GM Apli<3   Thu Oct 14 2010, 01:04

Name:Brandon Tori Melvin

Time Zone:Central

How Old Are You?I'm 15 years old, 16 on November 5th. Smile

How Did You Hear About Us?A friend told me about this server when we were looking for a new one. I was like "Oh damn I'm joining this server". It sounded very nice, and it is.

Whats Your Experience Of Being A GM?Oh man, this is going to be long xD. Okay, so, i have SO much experience being a GM it's kind of unbelievable. At once I GM'ed 4 servers. They were v13 v13 v14 and v15. It was a b***h xD. I know ALL of the v15 monster, item and normal GM commands. I am an awesome person to design different glows too.

How Long Are You On A Day?Oh jeeze this is a bit embarrassing. xD. I'm estimating at about 10-15 hours a day. o-o.

Why Should We Pick You?Okay, so, why should you guys pick me? You guys should pick me because I'm a great GM. I LOVE interacting with the public and community. I am an awesome person to talk to. I also help a lot. On that note, i am a big stickler about following rules. I don't give items, and if people ask i simply tell them a can't. I report hackers/scammers to owner and ask what i should do before any actions take place. I play far, and i treat every player equally. I'm also a really good glow mod. Razz

What Else Is interesting About You?I love being ingame, throwing some fun events. I love being on facebook too x3. I am really interested in computers and hopefully pursue a career in computer technology. Ingame you call me Tori, I'd greatly appreciate that too. Razz. Music is my life. I have long hair. And I'm awesome x3.

My Name Is Tori, And I Approve This Message :3
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Senior Member
Senior Member

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PostSubject: Re: Tori's GM Apli<3   Thu Oct 14 2010, 01:19

Torii wrote:
I am an awesome person to design different glows too.

I'm also a really good glow mod. Razz

Hm maybe we should take you has dev hm ?
But anyways i like your app.

But i care a little bit about your language.
Youre not that much patient.
If you want to be in our team you should change that.
So i'll be watching you 2 days

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PostSubject: Re: Tori's GM Apli<3   Thu Oct 14 2010, 01:21

Thanks Lisa Darlin (:
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PostSubject: Re: Tori's GM Apli<3   Thu Oct 14 2010, 12:59

Nice but please register at this forum ^^

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New Member
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PostSubject: Re: Tori's GM Apli<3   Sat Oct 16 2010, 21:01

Sorry. I am registered, just, didnt relize i was logged on till the topic was up D:
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PostSubject: Re: Tori's GM Apli<3   

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Tori's GM Apli<3
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