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 Poptart's GM app :o

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PostSubject: Poptart's GM app :o    Thu Oct 14 2010, 23:13

Real Name: Torey Atiles o: [Xat: Poptart]

Location: EHT, New Jersey

About Me: I play football for the EHT Eagles and I like going to the mall with my friends as well as playing PS3 and Xbox 360 sometimes. I'm also a fun person to talk to, but at times i admit i can be a downer, due to lack of sleep, or gf problems. I'm very well educated, and i get straight A's. I'm in Honor's classes and i'm a Senior in EHT Highschool, Even though i'm only 16. I skipped 8th grade and 3rd as well for the fact i went to private school when i was 5-8. When i get out of Highschool after a year or two i'm going to join the Marines, like i've wanted to since i was about 8. I'm 6 foot 5 inches, about 198 cm tall. i weigh 195 lbs [88.4 kg] but i'm 81% muscle. I just work out every other day for an hour or two x: I'm an honest, hardworking person but that doesn't mean i don't like to have fun when i have free time =D I have an I.Q. of 145 [I went to a therapist for an I.Q. test] Usually when i have free time and extra money i take vacations to Europe and Canada. I used to play my xbox 360 Kinect 24/7 but i realized it's not going to get me anywhere as far as education and grades. Although i did win a 5,000 prize for the 2009 Halo 3 MLG internation competition xD Every once in a while i pop on to check out Halo: Reach a bit. I love rock, hiphop, rap, pop, and heavy metal o: I love helping people, especially when they're sad or not in a good mood. If anyone wants to know anything else about me PM me or message me on Xat/facebook! *Poptart*

GM Experience: I've been a GM on a bunch of other private servers including Lanzflyff, Demon Flyff, and even a few from MapleStory such as RydahMS, FunMS [shut down], and BerserkerStory. I am strict as far as following the rules, but I am helpful and I know most of the GM commands. [Microsoft Excel ftw!]
I don't give out any items but i can tell people how, or what mobs to get them from. I can run events well and most players usually like me. I treat players equally and try to cheer people up whenever possible. All Flyff Pservers were v14/v15 and MapleStory pservers were v75-v85

Online Times: I'm on MSN 24/7 when i get home from school, so I can be on oclock from 14:20 to 22:30 [2:20 PM - 10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time] on weekdays, and on weekends from 9:30 to 23:30 [9:30 PM - 11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time]

Languages: German, Portuguese, English, and a little French.

How I found the pserver: Lars [on Flyfd] wanted me to come help him fix his private server glitches, but i couldn't due to the fact my AntiVirus was acting up and called it a Trojan virus as well as not letting me disable it.
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Forum Owner
Forum Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Poptart's GM app :o    Thu Oct 14 2010, 23:40

good one i liked it i give u +1.. and let me take a few days to look that application..~Daan~ Is back for real!
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Senior Member
Senior Member

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PostSubject: Re: Poptart's GM app :o    Fri Oct 15 2010, 12:40

Pretty much about me. Nice Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Poptart's GM app :o    Fri Oct 15 2010, 15:54

hm.. how interesting.. +1
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Forum Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Poptart's GM app :o    Sat Oct 16 2010, 00:04

Nice Smile Really much to read so.. Im with Daan. few days to red Very Happy



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PostSubject: Re: Poptart's GM app :o    

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Poptart's GM app :o
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