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 Ultimate Billposter-Guide

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PostSubject: Ultimate Billposter-Guide   Mon Nov 22 2010, 09:13


1. Introduction
2. Builds
3. Weapons
4. Pets
5. Gears
6. Leveling
7. PvP
8. Gianting
9. Clockworking

1. Introduction

What's a BillPoster?
A BillPoster is one of the second class you can choose when you get to level 60 as an Assist. They are fighters and have a nice versability. They can be both AoE and 1v1 and they can do both effectively. Their main ability in FlyFF is to be able to buff themselves.

2. Builds

BP builds divide in two parts: AoE builds and 1v1 builds.

AoE Builds

Suicide build
50 STA (maximum, can go for less)
xxx INT

This is the best build if you can afford the gears for it and know how to play your character.
You will be living on damage, speed and skills, since you'll have low HPs.
Pumping DEF instead of STA is your main goal.

Attack-plus Int-AoE
STA 100
INT xxx

This build is great. You can deal a high damage and still tank a lot, but you'll need nice upgraded equips to get it to work as you want to.

Attack Int-AoE
STA 120
INT xxx

This build is nice. You can deal a good damage and tank quite a lot, but you'll need nice upgraded equips to get it to work as you want to.

Safety Int-AoE
INT 120
STA xxx

This build is an Int-AoE for those who can't afford good equips. It stills deal some damage, but you'll notice the difference if you have had an Attack Int-AoE BP before.

Pure STA
STA xxx

This build is completely useless in my opinion. Your damage will be really poor and even if you can't afford good equips the Safety Int-AoE build is still affordable.

Attack-plus STR-AoE
STA 100
STR xxx

I personally don't recommend any STR-AoE based build. Damage of Burst crack will get too much low to compare with other AoErs and Piercing serpent is just not worth it.

Attack STR-AoE
STA 120
STR xxx

Read the Attack-plus STR-AoE's comment.

Safety STR-AoE
STR 120 STA xxx

Read the Attack-plus STR-AoE's comment.

1on1 Builds

Pure STR build
STR xxx

This build is THE build if you can afford godly equips and have a RM all the times with you. Your damage will be really high and Accuracy will not suffer thanks to your upgrading bonuses.

STR build
STR xxx
DEX 43

This is a more balanced build. You'll be able to get 81% attackspeed buffed without equips and if you pair that with an Attack speed awakened shield you are pretty fast. Also the damage you deal is nice.

DEX build
STR xxx
DEX 80

This is also called the "budget build". You will not really need money for this. Getting an Attack speed awakened shield is pretty easy and with that DEX you will not need a high upgraded set. Your damage will suffer alot though.

3. Weapons

This section concerns about Green weapons only. If you can't get one you should just awake a knuckle until you get a nice one or use a Yakadain/Ivilliness.

Guardian knuckle:
Attack Speed +15%
Add HP +15%

A nice knuckle for AoEing due to the HP bonus, this can be nice for 1v1ing also. The 15% Attack speed it adds is really a nice bonus.

Historic Knuckle:
DEX +5
Critical Rate +13%

This is THE 1v1 Knuckle if you can get a RM or a nice awakened Attack speed shield. +13% critical will increase your damage output by alot. Completely useless for AoEing.

Angel Gloves:
Add HP +15%
Hit Rate +20%

The best AoE knuckle excluding BKnuckle. It could be useful if you want to try a 1v1 build with a few DEX and not a nice upgraded set, but I wouldn't consider doing that.

Legendary Golden Gloves:
Attack Speed +10%
Additional Damage of Critical Hits +38%

This is completely useless for AoErs, but it's a good Knuckle for 1v1ers. The attack speed it gives could compensate if you don't have a RM that time but you still want to level. The Critical damage is nice, but since your critical rate will be low, you will not unleash lots of criticals. Second best Knuckle for 1v1ers after Historic.

Bloody Knuckle:
Damage +250
Defence +100
Add HP +20%

This is THE Knuckle for AoErs, if you didn't notice. You'll deal great damage, you'll have more defence and even more HPs.

4. Pets

This is a nice pet for AoErs. It gives you HP, which adds survivability and tanking abilities. It's also nice to have it as a 1v1 when CWing or Gianting.

A nice pet for both types of BP, Dragon would be more useful to 1v1 builds.

Old Fox
THE AoErs pet. It adds INT, which gives damage and I personally feel like it's better to have a high damage and kill faster. Useless for 1v1ers

THE 1v1ers Pet. It adds STR, which gives some more Attack than the Dragon if at the same level.

It adds DEX. Completely useless for both types of BP

Same as Rabbit, but it adds STA.

This pet adds Defence. In my opinion it's completely useless as if you really want some DEF more go for a Lion, which will give you some HPs too.

5. Gears

Armor sets and piercing

2/4: Def+15 DEX+3
3/4: Def+33 DEX+3 Add FP+10% Add MP+10%
4/4: Def+33 DEX+3 Add FP+10% Add MP+10% Attack Speed+10%

This could be a nice 1v1 set if you can't afford an awakened shield (which is quite difficult if you can afford the set).

2/4: Def+19, INT+5
3/4: Def+47, INT+5, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%
4/4: Def+47, INT+5, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%, Crit Rate+10%

The best 1v1 set until 105.

2/4: Def+19, INT+7
3/4: Def+38, INT+7, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%
4/4: Def+38, INT+7, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%, Decreasing of Magic Motion Time+30%

This could be a nice AoE set until 80, as bonuses are perfect (faster casting and less MP use). After that lack of defence will start to be a bit too much.

2/4: Def+19
3/4: Def+45, INT+8
4/4: Def+45, INT+8, Add HP+15%

The HP bonus makes it a nice AoE set, but this can be avoided.

2/4: Def+21
3/4: Def+43, DEX+7
4/4: Def+43, DEX+7, Add HP+15%

The AoE set until 105.

2/4: Def+21
3/4: Def+47, MP Consumption -15%
4/4: Def+47, MP Comsumption -15%, DEX+5

Completely useless set. Don't even get it.

2/4: Def+20
3/4: Def+47, Hit Rate 12%
4/4: Def+47, Hit Rate 12%, Critical Damage +40%

THE 1v1 set. The added Critical Damage and Hit Rate makes it perfect paired with a HKnuckle and a pure STR build.

2/4: Def+10%
3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Block+10%, Melee Block+10%
4/4: HP+15%,Def+15%, Ranged Block+15%, Melee Block+15%

This is the best AoE set. Block rate makes it better even than the 120 set.

4/4: STR+10, DEX +10, Add Def+25%, Add HP+15%

This set can be obtained for 10,000 Red Chips, which can be obtained from Guild Sieges. It's a purely PvP set and it will not affect your leveling.

+16% Piercings:

You should pierce your suit to +16% only if it's Attack. Both 1v1 and AoE could need Attack, depending on your playing style. I prefer Attack on an AoE char because I'm more of an offensive AoEr.

+28% Piercings:

Attack and Defence are the wanted ones. Of course Attack is for both types, while Defence is only for AoErs.


Vigor Ring
This is the best ring a 1v1 can get. Completely useless for AoErs

Arek Ring

Stam Ring
It can be nice for AoErs.

Intelli Ring
It can be nice for AoErs.

It adds Block rate. Completely useless for 1v1, could be nice for AoErs.

Demol Earring
It adds Attack. 1v1 best earring and a chance for AoErs.

Plug Earring
Useless for 1v1, it can be used for AoErs if you need some extra defence.

Gore Necklace
Adds HP. The only decent necklace in the game.

Mental necklace
Completely useless.

Peison Necklace
Completely useless.


As an AoE you want a high-level shield or a shield awakened with STA, HP, Decrease of Magic Motion, INT, Defence.

As a 1v1 it depends. If you have a RM you should get a Critical/Critical Damage one, else an Attack Speed one would be best. Of course if you get a combined one it would be amazing.

6. Leveling


As an AoE, you should go to monsters 5 levels above yours and get the most you can. A RM healing will help alot. You can just go for a leecher if you don't feel like looking for a RM.


As a 1v1, you'll prefer to go with RMs to monsters 8+ levels above yours. RM should be spamming HC on the monsters while keeping you GT'd and SF'd.

7. PVP

Billposter are really strong in PvP thanks to their skills. Asal and Sonichand should be your main ones, paired with stonehand. You should get about 30k HP with the least STA as possible. Putting all the other points in STR and getting the most MP possible with awakes will be the best solution then. Sonichand will help you stunning, while Asal will finish most people off. If it doesn't, just keep Sonichand spamming or go for normal hits.

8. Gianting

As a Gianter, you'll want to get the best damage over time as possible. Using a 1v1 build with Rody/Rodey set and HKnuckle with Attack speed awakening would be the best if you want to solo-giant, else get a Critical/Critical damage awakened shield and a RM. Keep Stonehand always casted and always have some Red and Gold pills just in case. Using a party with Link Attack, Fortunate Drop and Gift Box will increase killing speed and drop rates by a lot.


First of all, it's level 80. But don't think it's weak... It's not. These are his stats:

Level: 80
HP: 62,582,890
Attack: 2,800 - 3,000
Defense: 115
Magic Defense: 140
Dexterity: 170
Intelligence: 145

You'll need to have completed the level 70 Quest which Darkon's banker gives you.
I suggest to go in at level 100+, as you'll need around 8k HPs to be sure not to die.
Get a Unicorn, lots of stars, red pills, gold pills, refreshers, find a team and go in!
Until the capital "C" it will be pretty easy. After that it enters in Rage. Here's where things get a bit harder. You'll get hitted for 4k instead of 2k as normal hits and criticals will go up to 7k. Don't scare and just food/pill yourself and you'll be fine. If you are in trouble, ask your team's RM to Heal Rain, but it's better if you let him/her HC'ing at the Clockworks. I highly suggest getting a Link Attack party and possibly with Fortunate Drop and Gift Box too.
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Billposter-Guide   Sat Nov 27 2010, 13:31

Nice x3
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Billposter-Guide   Sun Nov 28 2010, 12:52

Maybe you should make other guides on other classes too >.< But good job Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Billposter-Guide   Sun Nov 28 2010, 13:43

Thanks Honne Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Billposter-Guide   Sat Dec 04 2010, 16:50

Nice this is well organized Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Billposter-Guide   

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Ultimate Billposter-Guide
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