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 Knight Guide

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Itachi Uchiha
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PostSubject: Knight Guide   Sun Nov 28 2010, 15:13

[Ok First, as you may/may not know knight has the highest base hp per sta ingame and the second highest block ingame and due to demon flyff bonuses They have the highest crit per dex.]

ok lets note the current common builds: and their strength weaknesses

1) Full stam build((aoe))
15 str
15 dex
15 int
all sta(obviously)

high hp
high def
high hp regen
meat shield

Crap damage.(almost entirely gear dependent damage wize, and even with epic gear its still not too high damage wize
expect 1k~4k keens tops without red scroll.)
90% of classes can destroy you with ease.(Blades will 2~5 shot you, bps will 1 shot you, yj will stun you forever, kite you till you die. you got nothing to defend your self but your hp, which dosnt last forever.)

slow aoe kill speed(farming/leveling wize)

1v1 Knight:
this build can varry but the most common of this build is.
dex 80~100 dex(for crit rate/block)
sta can varry between 15~40 due to gear
int (lol no.)
str what ever is left.

(fast 1v1 kills due to crits + cross hits so for example if you normally hit for 5k non crit on mobs you will hit 10k crit(or more depends on your crit damage) and if you manage to land a cross hit(10% chance at cross hit using 2h sword/axe) it will do doubble damage it will be 20k crit. ive seen 1v1 knights land 10~30k crits in pvp with minimum crit damage.(lv.90 2h sword + some crit damage awakes)

decent pvper/pvmer

Dosnt excell in any thing.
low hp
most likely you will be using 75 set or 105(attakc speed set) due to this you will have low block and ppl will and can destroy you if you dont hit them first.

ok full str knight (build not recomended unless you are hunting asal bps, kill them before they pick off a asal.)
(hybrid of 1v1 and its stats are self explanitory)
entirely gear based, not recommended if your gear sucks.

awsome damage.

every thing else.

(depends on gear from this point on)

ok finally Evasion knight.
This build can be tweaked to fit your gear but ill give the basic build.
(this is not base dex this is overall final stats when you include awakes,pierces,buffs ext. basically try to aim for this as end results.
STR: XXX May varry due to gear.
DEX: 200
INT: (really dosnt apply any purpose other then using knight hero skill, which can be a good anti asal skill[IF USED RIGHT] keep that in mind)
STA: XXXMay varry due to gear.

ok first of all why 200 dex? let me explain
a knight at 200 dex(not base but overall 200 dex)

has 70% ranged and melee block with a 50% chance to get a miss instead of a block
accuracy of the class melee wize will be high (so auto attacking can work wonders against enemys who have high hp that you need to drop fast without the pausing skills has) Due to demon flyff's bonus for knights 200 overall dex = 50% crit rate(base crit rate) so every 2 hits = crit combine that with weapon damage/maybe some crit damage awakes and cross hits mixed with what ever you set your str to which i will get to after this.

now i know what your thinking 70% is not enough right? exactly once you get (105 knighert/knigh set) your set with this build why? because that 15% block set bonus stacked with the +10 bonus gives you 100% to both ranged and melee and increases your evasion from 50% to like 60%~70% or so. due to the set bonuses for +10.
(ps:: you will have roughly 71% attack speed without gt due to dex speed breaks for knights are seperated far apart next one is around 250~300 which is too much dex to have and isnt worth it, trust me you will do well with 71% if you really need more then 71% get a buff pet/awake for attack speed or simply get a rm to gt you.

now for str.

Str for knights

ok knights dont have constant damage breaks. so let me point this out now.

first damage break(massive increase of damage) is at 70 str next is at 156
next after that is 215 then 287 then 344 and so on.
What you want to aim for in my opinion is some here between 156~215(as overall str not base) so awakes/rings/pierce/base str what eve rit takes to get in that range. and focus on your weapon upgrades(main source of damage) and plugs for knight in pvp is useless and so is speedos. due to knights having 2nd highest base block (they are not really needed) what knights need as far as earrings go is Demos for damage(to increase maximum damage output because knights ATK per str is fail, aside from damage breaks)

as far as rings go get the rings to cover what ever stat your lacking in. if your all set in str/dex get sta rings if your all set in dex/sta get str rings and so on.

as far as set pierce goes. go HP pierce on suit not attack. knights have fail attack per str but their hp per sta is epic becaus eof which you will benifit more from hp then attack. why? hp % is based on your maximum hp without item interfearance so lets say you got 100% hp on your char as bonues and you got 5k hp thats basically just a 5k hp boost. nothing too special or worth it but if you got 30k base withhout hp modifyiers its 15k boost. and so on and so forth. basically higher your base the higher your overall with hp bonuses. so go hp pierce on suit. as far as weapon pierce adjust them to make sure your str/dex is set and once they are rest sta.

what you want to do is set your str/dex then go rest sta. as far as gear goes.

now this is a hybrid 1v1/tank build known as evasion b uild and alot of people would say this build sounds like it sucks. it does not. why dosnt it?

with good gear(end game gear)

lets say for example you got demos +20 ulti+10 105 axe you will do.
and a str between 150~215 you will hit 2.3~4.5k keens and will do 4k~16k auto attacks due to crits and cross hits. on top of which 50% of classes wont hit you Blades will hardly touch you and will be forced to skill which is gives you the edge., bow jesters will be raped with ease. rangers you can heal past their skill damage and their crit damage buff wont help for much if they cant hit you. Yj(may still get you if you let them kite you, but all they can rely on to fight you is hop/vital/cross line since they cant auto attack you) so get in close and finish the job. Bps(this is a bit tricky despite any build you choose they can 1 shot you most of the time, However as stated by lethal,mike monster cluster will have a max damage of 50k damage asal/hop/auto attack ext. basically full class nerfs to balance that problem out, im not sure if this will apply to demon but i know for sure it will apply to monster. and with this build and a +10 set you can get 50~80k hp easily with this build, but if you got epic gear you can get 100~200k hp with this build so. the damage drop can be to your benifit. so knights being scared of bps? wont happen any more. but they will still hit you hard so gold pills will be your best friend. and basically you become the anti class of all classes if done right.

now finally pros and cons Razz

can be good against any class
(if done right, easier to do once nerf is in place for the 50k damage thing.)
Great farming/aoe class for leveling.
Great for pvp (perfect against any class that relys on auto attacks)
High hp.
high block
high crit
high evasion

Credits By: Zeeleido
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Knight Guide
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