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 Billposter Guide

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Itachi Uchiha
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PostSubject: Billposter Guide   Sun Nov 28 2010, 15:17

First of alle ther are 2 questions:

1.) Do you start a new charackter and want it make a Billposter


2.) Do you have a lvl 60 BP and want to know how to skill and how to stat with a restat.

Well if you answer me on the Second question here are the stats on wich you should restat:

35 STA
43 DEX
15 INT

Well if you answer me on the first question let us Beginn:

Well you sure know how to make the Jobchange to an assist, If Bot i will explain it shortly:

Part 1: Killing monsters
Speak with the npc name [Assist Drillmaster] Elic seen here:

He will instruct you to kill 10 small Mushpangs and 10 small Burudengs within 7 minutes. Do this quickly and return to him.

Part 2: Collecting quest items:
Upon completing Part 1, Elic will instruct you to collect the following quest items:

- 10 Foforms (from mushpangs)
- 5 peakyrinds (from peakyturtles)
- 1 poporam (from doridomas)

It is recomended you collect these prior to starting the quest as it's easier to get the quest items when you are nearer to the monsters level that drops them.

Once you've collected these items, bring them to [Assist Master] Maki loacted here, by the big shiny thing in town:

Part 3: Book of Technique:
After you speak with Maki, he instructs you to find a book and give it to [High-Dwarpet] Goripeg. The book can be found in near the Peakyturtles in a stone cirkle at the right side

Go pay a visit to [High-Dwarpet] Goripeg located here, near Lawolfs, and Doridomas:

Part 4:
You are instructed to hunt a monster which is located in the Demain town, near the edge to your left when you first walk in.

After killing this monster, you are nearly done! All that's left is to speak with [Assist Instructor] Kidmen located right beside our old friend, Elic:

Congrats! You're now an assist!
Upon completing the quest you will recieve
- 1 activation
- 1 bull hamstern
- 1 refresher hold


Well so fare you are an Assist now and should have a RESKILL EVENT and the 3 Jobitems in your Inventory. Also your stats have been resetet. You should have 28 Statpoints to give avay.


Stating from the beginning:

well you have 28 Statpoints and should put your Stats like this:

15 STR +18 = 33 STR
15 STA +10 = 25 STA
15 DEX = 15 DEX
15 INT = 15 INT

Well if you have done this you will have a good beginning. Well now

every LevlUp you will get 2 Statpoints which you can put in STR, DEX INT or STA. Cause we have enough STA at the moment (and you will get HeapUP at lvl 20 what will help you enourmus cause mastered it will add ya 40 STA), put the 2 Statpoints in STR and DEX.

You will always put stats in STR and DEX till you are lvl 35 cause you will get Cannonball which will give you 20 DEX when mastered. If you are lvl 35 your stats should be looking like this:

33 STR +20 = 53 STR
25 STA = 25 STA
15 DEX +20 = 35 DEX
15 INT = 15 INT

Well you are lvl 35 now have good stats and at your skills will be looking like this:

you should have 143 Skillpoints but sure you put some skillpoints before in skills like heal and so on that means your Skillwindow should llok like this:

you should have just one more skillpoint at this time ^^ dont bother you get more ^^

Now levl and levl and levl till you're levl 50, YOU SHOULD PUT DEX TO a MAXIMUM OF 43 DEX NOT MORE

rest Stat points put in STR and then put Statpointst in STA till your sta reachs 35 STA.

Now your Statwindow should look like this:

35 STA
43 DEX
15 INT

XXX STR means that from now on you will only put your STATPOINTS in STR.

getting to lvl 50 gained you again 55 SKILLPOINTS which you should put per levlup in Cannonball to bring it at leat on lvl 10 and Accuracy atleast 10 too.

If you have Skillpoints that arent used now get some points on Catsreflex and try to make it 10 Too.

OK ready to go:

With perfect STATS and perfekt SKILLs levl and levl and levl till you can master all needed Buffs that give status+ to master.

ATTENTION. DONT MASTER QUICKSTEP,HEAL,PREVENTION,HEALRAIN, and dont put Skillpoints in them just till you reach the levl of the skill what you saw in the upper picture or again here:

and dont put points in the Attk skill cause you dont need them cause you are 1o1 BP that PWNZ Ass. The only skill you will ned MASTERED in this line is STONEHAND

STONEHAND is the BP best friend.


Now to your EQUIPMENT:

Use STR-Rings, Demols till you have enough money to buy 2 MIghteers+1 and 2 Strente +1. THEY WILL PWNZ ASS

Use Set as you like and Knuckle too put i recommend you use te Fist of Revenge till lvl 60 and then the G Knuckle.


NOW TO OUR LOVED BILLPOSTER; (this will be short)

Don't put skillpoints in any Skill but in Asmodeus.

Credits By: Thalos
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Billposter Guide
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