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 Elementor Guide

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Itachi Uchiha
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Head GameMaster

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PostSubject: Elementor Guide   Sun Nov 28 2010, 15:26

The common builds for elementors are:

Build: High STA
INT: 40-60
STA: xxx
Advantage: This build is great for lower level elementors. Most of the monsters you will fight are water element right up until watangkas. By being a high STA build, you will be able to use electric shock - the non-ranged elementor skill - to AoE.
Disadvantage: Will not deal such high damage as people might come to expect from elementors.
Equips required: Plugs, elemented suit, def piercing on suit. Can interchange between INT and STA rings depending on whether you want to tank more hits or deal more damage.

Build: High INT
INT: xxx
STA: 15-60
Advantage: You'll deal great damage to your target.
Disadvantage: You'll be restricted to AoEing using windfield. If the monsters don't gain the slow effect, you will obtain a lot of damage to you, and can die easily. The term "glass cannon" is suitable for this build :3
Equips required: Mighteers, INT rings, suit pierced with attack. A fast casting set is desirable, such as myuran/myurian or misty/teba.

Build: Hybrid
INT & STA: Add these in a 1:1 ratio (most cap STA at 100)
Advantage: You'll do ok damage and be able to tank a fair number of monsters.
Disadvantage: Won't be able to take as many monsters as either of the other builds, but will be able to kill them fairly quickly.
Equips required: Can use anything, depending on how you plan to level. If you want to tank, then use similar equips to the High STA builds.
Or any variation of these builds.
Remember, only you know your gaming style so sticking to any of these builds rigidly might not provide the results you desire...

Thank you for reading and happy hunting in world of Flyff !

Credits By:Patangua
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PostSubject: Re: Elementor Guide   Sat Dec 04 2010, 16:55

Mage Seems confuseing ._.
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Elementor Guide
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