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 Ranger Guide.

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Itachi Uchiha
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PostSubject: Ranger Guide.   Sun Nov 28 2010, 15:41

1 on 1 Build
Str - 15
Sta - 15
Dex - xxx
Int - 15
Yea, Basic Full Dex For 1 on 1 Ranger. Use Guardian Bow And Cruiser/Hyper Set Till Level 105. At Level 105 Get LGB And Ranerz/Raze Set And upgrade these both as high as you can!(For the LGB you can keep it upgraded low and wait for bloody bow and make that baby ultimate!) Or You can Upgrade Cruiser To +10 for more crit Damage And Keep Using It till You can afford Bloody Set.
First of all there is no reason to ever make a 1v1 ranger but if you did choose to you would not use raze and lgb at 105 you would just stay with gbow and hyper because of rangers awful crit rate and if you are 1v1ing you wouldn't need the hp anyways. Only reason to use raze for 1v1 is if you have a good crit awakening and are using it for pvp. Also bloody bow will only have about 100 extra damage over lgb and that is after ulti+10 pvp slots and adoch so it is recommended to just stay with lgb.

Pre - 75 Build
STR - 15
STA - 30-60
DEX - xxx
INT - 15
This is a decent build since you have some HP and decent amount of Dex for damage! This build if for people who get a tad worried when they see blinking HP.
Use Npc Set +3 And G Bow. If you choose to stick with this build then get H.Bow and Oska/Okas Set at 75 and upgrade it to the best of your ability. At Lvl 105 Get Ranerz/Raze Set And upgrade it High since you will use this set forever unless you decide to get bloody set. For Bows with this build, just get the highest level green bow and upgrade it as best as you can for more damage
A ranger should never use hbow because there is really no point in it. The only reason someone would ever use hbow is if they are poor and have no money but jsut ahppen to stumble upon an hbow, but as you say to get gbow before then anyways you should just tell people to stay with the gbow as it is much better. Also people should not just use the highest level bow possible, the best idea is at 90 get an angel bow or if you plan to pvp more you can stay with your gbow and just use that as it will not be to much of a decrease in hp/damage. The only time people should not use either of those two bows is if they have at least a 4k unicorn then they can get away with an lgb for damage.

Blocking Queen/King Build
STR - 15
STA - 15
DEX - xxx
INT - 15
This build IS RANGER. This build will show you the power and meaning of a ranger. Rangers have higher block rate than any other class out there. It is ridiculous to see how many mobs you can take and how much you block with this set. Also with full dex you damage will be top notch!
Use Npc Set +3 And G Bow Till Level 75. At Lvl 75 H.Bow and Oska/Okas Set Upgrade Oska Above +5. At lvl 90 Get Angels Bow and Upgrade it High And At Lvl 105 Get Ranerz/Raze Set And upgrade it High since you will use Angels Bow+Ranerz/Raze set pretty much forever. (unless you decide you want Bloody Items)
Actually rangers do not get mpore block rate when they hit level 60 and in fact rangers have the lowest block rate per dex out of any class but because they use a large amount of dex and with the aid of perfect block then they can reach max block pretty easily. It is pretty common knowledge that blades have the highest block rates.

High Sta Build
STR - 15
STA - 60-110
DEX - xxx
INT - 15
I personally do NOT recommend this build because you do not need such high Sta! Your a ranger! you're ment to block and do high aoe damage! But anyways this build is for Sissys who cant stand to loose HP Or like to have high DEF.
Use Npc Set+3, At Lvl 75 H.Bow and Oska/Okas Set. At Lvl 105 Get Ranerz/Raze Set And upgrade it to the best of your ability. For bows just get the highest green bow you can get your hands on and upgrade it as high as you can.
You already did mention that it has to much sta but honestly even a high sta build should only have 40-60 sta so you should change the info on that build.


Ice Arrow - MAX
Dark Illusion - MAX
Perfect Block - MAX
Arrow Rain - MAX
Arrow Mastery - MAX
Fast Shot - MAX
Flame Arrow - MAX
Piercing Arrow - MAX
Triple Shot - MAX
Poison Arrow - MAX
Silent Arrow - MAX
Well there are a lot of problems with this. First of all you do not say to max fast walker with is one of the most important skills. Fst shot should only be mastered if you are mentally challenged and want to make a 1v1 ranger as you will reach 100% aspd at around level 90 anyways, also triple shot should only be maxed for pvp after you finish maxing ALL OF THE OTHER SKILLS. Poisen arrow is essentially useless and should not be touched unless you really feel like screwing around with it. You also fail to mention maxing Auto Shot, Junk Arrow, and Aimed Shot which are some of the best moves for pvp (way better then triple shot, poisen arrow, or aoe spamming)

* Every class recieves something special when they change there job at level 60. Rangers get HIGH Block Rate. Its recomended to go Full Dex Aoe because you will block alot and your damage will be very nice.

* Aoe Sequence: Ice Arrow,Flame Arrow, Arrow Rain, Flame Arrow, Ice Arrow. This is a good sequence because it has Ice Arrow first which will slow down your enemy's! This is the sequence of aoes which i used, but its up to you. Do Whatever you like best !

* Jewls - Use Mp Necklace, Areks, And Plugs OR if you can afford them, then use Speedo's.
Well again rangers do not get extra block rate. Also your aoe sequence is slow as you use the fast aoes first, also you suggest maxing piercing arrow but never mention it. Also the path of (flame arrow, arrow rain, flame arrow) does not work because you will still be waiting on flame arrows cool down, My recommended sequence if you choose to not use piercing arrow as it sometimes bugs is (Arrow Rain, Ice Arrow, Flame Arrow, Ice Arrow) Following that general pattern altering it a bit as you go along will let you never sit in cool down for very long and with better gear you will kill off your mob before you get blocked by cool downs. As for your jewels there are many problems. First of all you should use a Gore necklace as rangers do not really need mp (I had -mp gear and still only need 2-3 mp refreshers per aoe). Also rangers should not use speedos because the required level for them is 70 and once you hit 75 they stop being worth it as your block rate starts to get better at that point especially if you have an upgraded okas. Also if you have the money to offord speedos then you are betetr off using that money to buy demols or spend the money to get an upgraded set which would help you more in the long run.

Rangers are VERY underestimated in PvP. You will hear people always say, "Omgz Rang3rz Suck th3y b3 n00b$." well LMFAO there wrong. Rangers Have HIGH block rate, Silent Shot, Strong moves, And Good looks As a ranger PvP just takes a bit to get used too. You can simply attack like a Bow Jester Or use your vast variety of skills. You get a bunch of 1 on 1 skills from being a acrobat and you get some as a ranger. It is best as a ranger to use Piercing Arrow, Triple Shot, Silent shot, and Poison arrow in Pvp. Silent shot enables the enemy to use MP which means a Billposter's ultimate move, Elementor, and Psykeeper are useless against you ALSO People don't know this but if you target your enemy and click the ground while there still targeted and click Piercing arrow, you hit your enemy! and it does very good damage!
Again there are many problems with this. First of all piercing arrow, triple shot, and poisen arrow are awful pvp moves because they have a very low damage compared to the casting time. (aimed shot does about 2/3rds the damage but hits twice as fast and auto shot hits all hits in about the same time but overall does about 2-3x the damage) The only reason to use piercing arrow is that it glitches and you can hit people without them knowing you hit them and you can attack from far away but the damage is in no way good it is only used to kill idiots with like 2-3k hp. The only time you should EVER use triple shot is while in DI cast triple shot then during its casting time, time your charge shot to be fully charged RIGHT as auto attack activates from casting triple shot and you will fire a charged shot right after the triple shot (the same can be done with silent shot if you are fighting a ele or psy) Also you fail to mention that if a bp has precasted asal then your silent arrow will do nothing. Also you fail to mention additional strategies such as having a hotkey yoyo and coutner attack to beat predictable billposters.

Credits By:g0dofnub
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PostSubject: Re: Ranger Guide.   Sat Dec 04 2010, 16:44

nice ranger always gets to a safe ranged Wink thats why i like it Wink
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Ranger Guide.
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